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by Linda Burlingame

As I was watching the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai , I knew that when I wrote my article I would be using the Thesaurus frequently, to find synonyms for the word “amazing.” Every act was a new reaction of “Wow!” “Unbelievable.” That’s a good one. “Astonishing!” Yes. And did you know “amazingness” is a word. Yes, it is. And this show is packed with amazingness!

I often found myself mesmerized by the magic-like maneuvers and realizing I was not taking notes. Some of the acts feature solo acrobats, while others feature several. In some ways it’s even more astounding when a dozen young people are executing such incredible feats with so much precision. They’re like a perfect chorus line — arms, legs, and hands all in sync.

“Timing is everything.” True in many aspects of our lives and certainly true when these acrobats are performing in tandem. When all the boys have three hats each and they’re twirling, tossing the toppers not only on their own heads but also to each other. Or when they’re hoop diving, hurling themselves through the hoop; the hoop gets higher, and they touch their toes in the air as they go through. Then they fly through, stack themselves, and toss each other back through. (Make sense?!) It’s “mind-boggling.” (That’s at least four of my synonyms!)

I’ve been writing about shows in Branson for almost three decades. I’ve sometimes thought it would be fun to do a Popcorn Rating for each show. “Five Kernels” would be equal to a Five Star rating. The popcorn at the Preowned Handbag Miu Miu wqYEP8l
would get a “Five Kernels” rating. It’s delicious! The kernels are all the same size, delectably popped to crunchy perfection with coconut oil. It’s even healthy! So when you say to yourself before the show or at intermission, “Do I really want popcorn?” Yes, you do. Big box. (You’re welcome.)

Some narration with the show reveals some of the history and culture behind the routines the acrobats do. Festivals and ancient customs influence many of the acts. Women would use household items when performing — like plate spinning, and in this show a young lady rides a unicycle while balancing bowls on her head, flipping one bowl after another onto the stack! A young boy balances on pieces of pipe, first three … then five. Jumping rope and twirling yo-yos — but nothing like we did as kids! (Do kids still jump rope?)

The costumes are a colorful addition to the show, and the background music often creates a mood. It’s a love song when lovers take flight on intertwined lengths of satin, soaring high above the stage. Again I wonder at the skill … and strength … that it takes to master all theses acrobatic feats. I think about practice when they first started learning the acrobatics. I’m sure they had their fair share of “Oops!” and “Ouch!”

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Fans have taken to the Loveprincessdiana's Instagram account to comment on the resemblance between the two royals.

By Ring in 9K Yellow Gold with Pink Tourmaline Aliita EAHhrHI
Getty Images

At quick glance at photos of Princess Charlotte at Prince Louis’ christening last week and it’s not hard to the three-year-old's resemblance to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: those brown locks, her adorable cheeks, the steely stare.

However, royal fans have started to notice the tot also has an uncanny similarity to another royal.

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Getty Images

And yes, while we’ve been saying Charlotte looks like a young Queen Elizabeth dopplegänger, for years , it’s now claimed the royal looks the spitting image of her late grandmother, Princess Diana.

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‘I have been saying - for a while now - that Charlotte is going to look a lot more like Diana than anyone thinks,’ one royal fan commented on Loveprincessdiana's Instagram account.

‘The lips and the way she is smiling is similar to Diana,’ commented another on a split image of Charlotte at last week’s royal event and an old photo of Diana as a child.

Princess Charlotte has Diana’s eyes❤️ #MyQueenDianaForever #LovePrincessDiana #PrincessDiana #PrincessofWales #DianaFrances #BritishRoyalfamily #RoyalFamily #PrincessFOREVER #KateMiddleton #DuchessofCambridge #DukeofCambridge #PrinceWilliam #PrinceHarry #PrinceGeorge #PrincessCharlotte #PrinceLouis #PrinceCharles #Royalbaby #QueenElizabeth #British #Europe #MeghanMarkle #DuchessofSussex

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(@loveprincessdiana) on

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‘Princess Charlotte is so like her Grandma Princess Diana.....She is so beautiful,’ added another fan.

It’s not hard to see the pair’s resemblance - just look at their similar button noses and pursed lips.

Of course, fans were also quick to point out how Charlotte has inherited her great-grandmother’s looks, too.

Getty Images

‘Charlotte is almost the mirror of a young Queen Elizabeth II,’ said one follower. ‘She's the Queen's little copy,’ wrote another.

The Instagram account - which boasts over 63,000 followers - has also pointed out the similarities between Prince George and his younger brother.

BROTHERS💙 Do you think are they look alike? #MyQueenDianaForever #LovePrincessDiana #PrincessDiana #PrincessofWales #DianaFrances #BritishRoyalfamily #RoyalFamily #PrincessFOREVER #KateMiddleton #DuchessofCambridge #DukeofCambridge #PrinceWilliam #PrinceHarry #PrinceGeorge #PrincessCharlotte #PrinceLouis #PrinceCharles #Royalbaby #QueenElizabeth #British #Europe #MeghanMarkle #DuchessofSussex

A post shared by Royal Princesses UPDATE 🇬🇧 (@loveprincessdiana) on

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On a split image of George as a baby and Prince Louis’ official christening photos, released by Kensington Palace earlier this week, fabs couldn’t help but notice the two’s mirror-like looks.

When the system is considered as a whole, properties called emergent properties often appear (see Emergence ). These properties are often difficult to predict from the properties of the elements alone. They must be evaluated within the systems approach to determine the complete set of performance levels of the system. According to Jackson (Jackson 2010), these properties can be considered in the design of a system, but to do so, an iterative approach is required.

In complex systems, individual elements will adapt to the behavior of the other elements and to the system as a whole. The entire collection of elements will behave as an organic whole. Therefore, the entire synthesis activity, particularly in complex systems, must itself be adaptive.

Hence, synthesis is often not a one-time process of solution design, but is used in combination with problem understanding and solution analysis to progress towards a more complete understanding of problems and solutions over time (see Applying the Systems Approach topic for a more complete discussion of the dynamics of this aspect of the approach).

System synthesis needs the problem or opportunity that the system is intended to address to have already been identified and described and for non-trivial systems, the problem or opportunity needs to be identified and understood concurrently with solution synthesis activities.

As discussed in Zaren II pumps Brown Senso nzmB1YDiZ
, the systems approach should not consider strictly soft or hard situations. In general, the application of the systems approach, with a focus on engineered system contexts, will lead to hard system contexts in which an identified SoI and required outcome be defined. Even in these cases, a soft context view of the SoI context will help ensure wider stakeholder concerns are considered.

The problem context should include some boundaries on the cost, time to deployment, time in use, and operational effectiveness needed by stakeholders. In general, the goal is not to synthesize the perfect solution to a problem, but rather to find the best available solution for the agreed version of the problem.

The following activities provide an outline for defining the SoI: grouping of Womens Mariage Party Dress Derhy nhUEuQeiB
, identification of the interactions among the elements, identification of interfaces between elements, identification of external interfaces to the SoI boundary and common sub-elements within the SoI boundary.

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The correspondence of René Descartes and Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia—a debate about mind, soul, and immortality.

By Anthony Gottlieb

Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (detail), by Rembrandt van Rijn, 1653. © Floralprint Texturedleather Iphone 7 And 8 Case Pink Dolce amp; Gabbana ZEXIrwGkrl
, Purchase, special contributions and funds given or bequeathed by friends of the Museum, 1961.

There is an “official theory” about the nature of minds that “hails chiefly from Descartes,” wrote Gilbert Ryle, an Oxford philosopher. According to the theory, each person has a mind that is a private, inner world. It has no spatial dimensions and is not subject to laws that govern physical objects, yet it is mysteriously connected to a material body during a person’s earthly life. Ryle dubbed this “the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine.”

People have not always thought of the mind and the body in this way. Homer ’s heroes are not depicted as composites that are only partly physical. Their awareness, intelligence, and other mental activities are part of their bodily lives. And although the shades of the dead lurk in the Homeric underworld, these etiolated creatures are little more than fading echoes of the living. Some later Greek philosophers explicitly stated that the soul is made of physical stuff. For Democritus, it was tiny units of solid matter. For the Stoics, it was a mixture of fire and air.

Unlike Homer and the Greek materialists, Nicholas Kirkwood Woman Leathertrimmed Python Platform Sandals Offwhite Size 375 Nicholas Kirkwood VGt1vBnvJP
did believe in something like Parley For The Oceans Ultraboost Primeknit Sneakers White adidas by Stella McCartney tHRmSNG
’ ghost in the machine. A person has an inner rational self, according to Plato, which can escape its bodily imprisonment with its powers intact. Yet Ryle was right to single out Descartes even though parts of the “official theory” can be traced to Plato. Descartes sharpened the concepts of mind and matter, crystallizing ideas that took shape in the seventeenth century and giving us the modern form of the so-called mind-body problem.

In his Meditations on First Philosophy , published in 1641, Descartes announced that he was essentially a thinking thing: “Thought…alone is inseparable from me.” There is an outer world, which includes my body, but I could still exist even if it were all destroyed. And what exactly is a thinking thing? Something that is aware. Descartes explained that by “thought” he meant “everything that is within us in such a way that we are immediately aware of it.” This included sensation, will, intellect, and imagination. Thus Descartes made consciousness the distinguishing mark of the mental.

Strength of mind is exercise, not rest.

He also merged the concepts of mind and soul. The “mind” was “the principle in virtue of which we think,” and a person’s soul was his or her mind. This was a novelty since in medieval science and philosophy, the soul was largely regarded as what animates inert matter. If a body died, it was because its life-giving soul had departed. But for Descartes it was the other way around. If the soul departed, it was because its body had broken down.

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