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    Material and Methods

    This study was conducted on 50 cases and they were compared with 50 controls. Age and sex criteria were excluded. The confirmation of diabetes mellitus was based on the history of the subjects, their clinical examinations and their blood glucose levels. Three methods were used for taking prints:- (1) Inkless methods (Walker 1957) Preowned Leather high trainers Gucci hfE07dVfE
    (2) The Holister system for young and new born infants. (3) The Indian ink method (Cumins and Midlow, 1961) (2) . Inkless methods (Walker 1957) (5) : Macarthur and ford (1937) (6) described a procedure for making prints in the latent form from face cream which was spread on a kymograph paper. The latter was fixed in shellac after developing an impression with lamp black fine powder. This saved the subject from the inconvenience of the staining or the discolouration of the hands. The X-Ray (Roentgen’s method) has scored its useful value over other unsuccessful techniques for finger printing in the advanced states of decomposed bodies. They used the X-Ray record for the indirect correlation of the position of the triradii and the hand skeleton by fastening lead pallets with adhesives at the point of the triradii. Castellanos (1939) mentioned Beclare’s procedure which consisted of smearing the skin with lanolin and bismuth carbonate and taking shadow graphs by the usual X-Ray method. The above three methods are not applicable easily because of the non availability of the appliances which are required for taking the prints. The Holister system for young and new born infants: In infants, prints have been developed on photographic paper from a moistened blotter, which was pressed against the fingers and passed through a developing mixture which was prepared from a stock solution which consisted of sodium sulphide, NaoH, starch and distilled water). This was made permanent by fixation in hypo solution. The Indian Ink method ( Cumins and Midlow , 1961): The Indian ink method (Cumins and Midlow, 1961) 2 was used for taking impressions with camel duplicating ink. The materials which were used were: A double plain paper (8.5"×11"), a glass plate (8.5"×11"), a round bottle(10"×4"), a roller for spreading the ink, a table, a scale, a pointed H.B Pencil, a mercury lamp, a biological pointer, a protractor, soap and ether for washing hands and a good quality magnifying lens.328was squeezed out on an inking slab of the roller onto a thin film for the direct inking of the fingers. The palm was carefully and uniformly smeared with the inked roller to cover the whole area of the palm which had to be printed for the examination. The paper was set over the round bottle and the moderately open fingers and the palm were successively rolled by applying some pressure on them for permitting the bottle and the paper to move forward DESIGN Skinny Jeans in Mid Wash Blue With Frayed Side Stripe Mid wash blue Asos ZEL2lGwfC
    . The rolled finger prints were taken by the rotation of fingers, both in the inking and the printing to obtain a complete impression of the finger tips. This method enables to record the complete imprints of the palm, including the palmer surface of all the five digits in one attempt. These prints were studied with the help of a magnifying lens for observation under different heads. The family history was not mentioned, as only the documented cases of diabetes were selected for the present research work.

    I am a member of the Yummie By Heather Thomson Woman Faux Leather Leggings Claret Size M Yummie Tummie 9QM8wECg
    group of the Cambridge University Engineering Department, led by Mens Air Max Vision LowTop Sneakers Nike AIx3EPRSvt

    My research interests lie in probabilistic machine learning, an approach to machine learning in which correct modelling of uncertainty is important. This plays a role in obtaining an estimate of "error bars" in predictions, i.e. evaluating predictive uncertainty, or in active learning, where the exploration/ exploitation trade-off is influenced by how much uncertainty can be removed by exploring a new portion of the search space. More specifically, I work with non-parametric Bayesian models, such as the infinite HMM (a Dirichlet process based model) or the Gaussian process. My thesis is on "Non-parametric Bayesian models for structured output prediction": I apply these models to structured data such as chains or grids to carry out structured classification, for which an example task is part-of-speech tagging on a sequence of words: each tag depends on neighbour tags and words.

    I am interested in applications to natural language processing, speech recognition, dialogue systems.

    I received my “Ingénieur” degree from Ecole Centrale Paris , and an MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing from the University of Cambridge in 2001. I have been working in the speech industry ever since, and started my PhD on a part-time basis in 2009. More information on my career, past and present, is available on my Linkedin profile .

    July 2017: I have just joined Translated on Stove Pipe 27 high waisted straight leg cropped jeans Re/Done Oi10DSCHZ
    (venture fund and startup district) as Director of AI. I'm opening a School of AI inside Pi School this Fall.

    April 2017: At long last, I have submitted my thesis !

    October 2014: Our work (Bratières, Quadrianto, Ghahramani) on GPstruct has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TPAMI). This is a reworked version of our arXiv preprint. Sale Striped Seersuck Shorts with Adjustable Waist Il Gufo Il Gufo QU9XPyO

    August 2014: The source code for GPstruct, Topaz Textured Fit And Flare Dress in Royal Blue Womens Size 10 Reiss KwFxZBD
    , is online. .

    June 2014: Our work (jointly with Novi Quadrianto, Sebastian Nowozin and Zoubin Ghahramani) on GPstruct applied to images will be presented at TROUSERS Bermuda shorts Fortela 6kX4m6g22t

    July 2013: Our work (jointly with Novi Quadrianto and Zoubin Ghahramani) on GPstruct is presented in an Silver Liz sneakers Premiata Q7sfw15q

    September 2010: I received another AWS in Education Research Grant for my project A large-scale infinite HMM trained on raw text . This grant comes as a credit towards Amazon Web Services, such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

    August 2010: I have just been awarded the Yahoo! Key Scientfic Challenge Award in the machine learning area. Here is the press release .

    7/13/2017 by Billboard Staff

    1. Beyonce

    Bow down to the Queen. Beyonce slayed the competition as 2016’s top Money Maker with a mammoth $62.1 million -- $20 million more than the No. 2 act. The bulk of that payday stemmed from her Formation World Tour, in support of her sixth album, ,an all-stadium trek that boasted DJ Khaled and Rae Sremmurd as opening acts, not to mention Kendrick Lamar and husband JAY-Z as surprise guests at the MetLife Stadium finale in East Rutherford, N.J. That tour sold 1.2 million tickets and grossed an industry-leading $161 million across 32 North American dates, but Bey didn’t stop there. Finishing in the top 15 in every category we measured, she was one of only six artists to earn more than $1 million in each category and ranked sixth in total artist royalties ($6.2 million). And while may have lost the Grammy for album of the year, it earned 2.2 million equivalent album units in 2016, according to Nielsen Music (and added 260,000 more this year). LAST YEAR: N/A

    2. Guns N' Roses

    What began with a secret show at the tiny Troubadour in Los Angeles last April became GNR’s highest-grossing tour to date. Despite Axl Rose’s doubts, the tour is still ongoing, accounting for most of the group’s $42 million in earnings in 2016. LAST YEAR: N/A

    3. Bruce Springsteen

    The Boss had 2016’s second-highest-grossing tour, yielding over $40 million for himself. He banked $1.4 million in recording royalties, helped by sales of both his catalog and a late-2015 box set celebrating the 35th anniversary of LAST YEAR: N/A

    4. Drake

    After dominating the charts last year, Drake led all acts in on-demand audio and video streams (6.8 billion), plus royalties with $23.7 million. Adding nearly $14 million for his summer tour with Future, Drake danced away with over $37 million in 2016. LAST YEAR: 32

    5. Adele

    The “Rolling in the Deep” singer is rolling in the dough. Adele’s tour was 2016’s fourth-highest grossing, and she moved 2.2 million albums in the United States, more than any other artist except Prince; she also clocked nearly 1.3 million radio spins. LAST YEAR: 9

    6. Coldplay

    Sparked by the band’s performance at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, Coldplay ranked No. 5 at the box office and raked in $26 million on the road in 2016, selling 323,000 copies of its album in the United States in the process. LAST YEAR: N/A

    7. Justin Bieber

    Even in light of Bieber’s impressive touring income, his streaming power shines, as he racked up nearly as many on-demand video streams (1.2 billion) as audio streams (1.5 billion). He was also No.3 in terrestrial radio spins. LAST YEAR: N/A

    8. Luke Bryan

    Bryan can thank his fan club, the Nut House, for fueling ticket sales that generated the country star’s take-home pay of $23 million. The ninth-most-played act on the airwaves (with 1.1 million spins) added $4.1 million in artist and songwriter royalties. LAST YEAR: 7

    9. Kanye West

    A no-show on 2015’s list, West ranks as the second-highest-grossing rapper behind Drake, thanks in part to his $15 million take from the blockbuster Saint Pablo Tour ($45 million). He’s second only to Drake in audio on-demand streams, too (2 billion). LAST YEAR: N/A

    10. Kenny Chesney

    Chesney’s haul included $23.5 million in take-home pay from $69 million in ticket sales, making him the seventh-largest touring act in the United States in 2016. He was also No.15 in radio airplay (886,000 spins) and tallied nearly $2 million from recording. LAST YEAR: 2

    11. Billy Joel

    The Piano Man played his way to $23.6 million in 2016, primarily on the strength of his New York Madison Square Garden residency. Just as impressive: $1.2 million in artist and publishing royalties, plus a respectable 192 million audio on-demand streams. LAST YEAR: 4

    12. Rihanna

    Rihanna put in plenty of work on the road in 2016, but her streaming success was huge, too: She came in third in on-demand audio (2 billion) and first in on-demand video (1.3 billion), and earned $10.1 million in master recording royalties, ranking fourth. LAST YEAR: N/A

    13. Twenty One Pilots

    The alt-rockers’ recorded-music and publishing royalties alone (at $15 million) would have ensured them a place in this year’s rankings. For publishing, the “Stressed Out” hitmakers rank No. 1; they were also 2016’s third-most-streamed act. LAST YEAR: N/A

    14. Carrie Underwood

    The superstar crisscrossed the country in 2016 on a $52.3 million-grossing tour, snaring the last spot on the top 10 list of live U.S. acts. That translated to $17.8 million for Underwood, whose recorded music netted her another $2.1 million in royalties. LAST YEAR: N/A

    15. Metallica

    Metallica had a light touring year, but its (the band’s sixth No. 1 on the Billboard 200) helped yield 2.7 million album and track sales, making the group, which owns its own masters, No. 1 in total royalties ($14.7 million). LAST YEAR: N/A

    16. Paul McCartney

    Road warrior Sir Paul pocketed over $16 million from his $48 million-grossing 2016 One on One Tour. And despite no new releases, McCartney, who owns his masters and wrote many of his hits, nabbed $1.3 million in artist and songwriting royalties. LAST YEAR: 33

    17. Future

    The first artist with back-to-back Billboard 200 No. 1 debuts in successive weeks, Future earned nearly $14 million as Drake’s Summer Sixteen Tour co-headliner and ranked in the top 10 in on-demand audio (1.5 billion) and video (1.1 billion) streams. LAST YEAR: N/A

    18. Garth Brooks

    Brooks was one of the industry's top earners in sales royalties with $7.6 million. His heftyrecording royalties total from sales is no doubt partly attributable not only to the commercial strength of Brooks' back catalog -- which includes a stupefying seven RIAA diamond-certified releases -- but the fact that his music had long been kept off streaming services, until his Amazon Prime deal in October. His touring totaled $25 million, which amounted to $8.2 million in take-home pay. But that estimate is incomplete because Brooks'tour did not report its grosses to Billboard Boxscore. If his tour had reported to Boxscore, he may have very well finished among the top five earners of 2016.LAST YEAR: N/A

    19. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    The perennial Christmas touring titans grossed nearly $45 million at the box office, taking home $15.1 million themselves. And with 2016’srelease, it also earned over $500,000 in album sale royalties alone. LAST YEAR: N/A

    20. Barbra Streisand

    Streisand hit No 1. on the Billboard 200 with and generated nearly $900,000 in artist royalties. But the bulk of the EGOT legend’s revenue came from the stage: $14.9 million from a $44 million box-office total. LAST YEAR: N/A

    21. AC/DC

    A touring behemoth, the band netted $27.2 million in 2016 from ticket sales, nabbing a take of $9.2 million. But because the rockers also own their recorded masters, they enjoy much higher royalties than their peers, bringing in another $5.8 million. LAST YEAR: 24

    22. Dixie Chicks

    They haven’t released a new album in over a decade, so combined artist and publishing royalties barely cleared half a million. But the Chicks remain a top touring act: 2016’s globe-spanning DCX MMXVI trek earned them $14.2 million in the United States. LAST YEAR: N/A

    23. Florida Georgia Line

    Newcomers to the list caused the duo’s ranking to slip, but it still posted stronger numbers across the board than in 2015, including $1.5 million in sales royalties, higher than fellow country powerhouses Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood. LAST YEAR: 19

    24. Dave Matthews Band

    A mainstay on this list thanks to its devoted live following, DMB bettered its 2015 touring total by nearly half a million with its 25th-anniversary summer tour. Though it was a stronger year for live acts, the band still slipped nine spots overall. LAST YEAR: 13

    25. Jason Aldean

    The country star’s touring numbers sagged by over $5 million in 2016, thanks to fewer dates on his We Were Here Tour than on 2015’s Burn It Down trek. But his streaming numbers tripled, likely due to his catalog returning to Spotify in late 2015. LAST YEAR: 11

    26. Phish

    Phish released its 13th album in 2016, but that wasn’t what moved the needle. Selling 647,000 tickets across 40 shows brought in 98.5 percent of the band’s revenue, more than enough to keep Trey Anastasio’s crew bouncing along the road. LAST YEAR: N/A

    27. Maroon 5

    Maroon 5 fell from its top 10 spot in 2015 with lower touring, publishing and sales numbers, down nearly $2 million in the lattermost category. But the band’s streaming numbers saw a bump thanks to the Kendrick Lamar-featuring “Don’t Wanna Know.” LAST YEAR: 10

    28. Zac Brown Band

    As they prepped a new album, 2017’s the Atlantan country crew made money on the road, between a handful of dates wrapping 2015’s Jekyll and Hyde Tour and then another 45 North American shows on the 2016 Black Out the Sun outing. LAST YEAR: N/A

    29. Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath’s touring prowess accounted for its presence here: The band grossed $33 million, bringing home over $11 million from its The End Tour. But as the name of Sabbath’s most recent outing suggests, that 2016 tour was its last. LAST YEAR: N/A

    30. Blink-182

    After replacing Tom DeLonge in 2015, blink-182 staged a 2016 comeback with , its first album since 2011. The LP, plus the band’s catalog, netted nearly 544 million combined on-demand streams, spurring the band’s earnings. LAST YEAR: N/A

    31. Jennifer Lopez

    Lopez’s lion’s share comes from her residency at the Axis at Planet Hollywood -- the most successful Las Vegas residency of 2016, with a gross of $34.6 million. That earned Lopez $11.8 million and a spot on this year’s list without releasing an album. LAST YEAR: N/A

    32. Elton John

    While Sir Elton’s record sales were sluggish in 2016 -- his entire discography topped out around 300,000 units -- he made his strongest gain on the road. The year netted him $12.1 million, $1.5 million of that from artist and songwriter royalties. LAST YEAR: 15

    33. Dead Company

    This act is all about the road, with a $32 million U.S. box-office gross translating into $11 million in take-home pay. Its catalog still produces album sales (280,000 units), but track sales (238,000 downloads) and streaming (118 million) are meager. LAST YEAR: 6

    34. David Bowie

    After Bowie’s death in January 2016, his estate saw a boom in business, with nearly 1.3 million album sales and 387 million on-demand streams. His artist and songwriting royalties for the year rang in at $11.5 million, due to the estate owning his catalog. LAST YEAR: N/A

    35. Keith Urban

    Urban’s eighth studio album, ,accounted for 412,000 of his 493,000 album sales in 2016, while track sales hit 2 million and combined on-demand streams were just shy of 362 million. Nearly $9 million from touring rounded out his take. LAST YEAR: N/A

    36. The Rolling Stones

    The Stones almost matched their box-office booty with sales-derived royalties, up from $1.4 million in sales in 2015. The band’s first album since 2005, ,debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200, a record-setting 37th top 10 effort. LAST YEAR: 3

    37. Celine Dion

    Dion, who lost both her husband and brother within two days in 2016, released a new album, and her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace boosted her live income to $10.2 million. She added $647,000 from artist royalties. LAST YEAR: 25

    38. Def Leppard

    The rockers released their 11th album in 2015, though their catalog earned just 48 million on-demand streams and 14,000 digital album sales. But 172,000 physical units and a box-office gross of $29.7 million made all the difference in 2016. LAST YEAR: N/A

    39. Britney Spears

    Spears’ Las Vegas residency helped push her live take-home pay to $9.5 million, while new album contributed to $1.2 million in royalties, with 529 million combined on-demand streams and 250,000 album sales total across her catalog. LAST YEAR: 22

    40. Marc Anthony

    The only mostly Spanish-language act on the list, Anthony’s robust touring schedule earned him his spot. In the United States alone, he sold 221,000 tickets, grossing $28 million and keeping a hefty $9.5 million, a $3 million jump over 2015. LAST YEAR: 37

    41. Blake Shelton

    Honesty appears to be the best policy for Shelton, whose 2016 LP, scored him his fifth No.1 on Top Country Albums. A total of 931,000 album sales and 582 million on-demand streams largely fed his $3.1 million in artist royalties. LAST YEAR: N/A

    42. The Weeknd

    The Weeknd didn’t play a U.S. show in 2016, yet he still racked up 1.9 billion on-demand audio streams, the fourth-most of the year. He also made the top 10 in track sales (3.8 million) and terrestrial radio spins (1.2 million) as his album kicked in. LAST YEAR: 28

    43. Pearl Jam

    A quarter century after the band’s debut, , Pearl Jam’s catalog racked up 562,000 track sales and 216 million streams to the tune of $1 million in royalties. Selling 351,000 tickets across just 16 U.S. shows proved the act remains in demand. LAST YEAR: N/A

    44. Journey

    The ’70s hitmakers hit paydirt touring with The Doobie Brothers and selling over 500,000 tickets in the United States. Sales royalties helped: The band’s stayed on the Billboard 200 for 450 nonconsecutive weeks, the fifth-most of all time. LAST YEAR: N/A

    45. Jimmy Buffett

    While his album sales totaled 200,000 units, largely from 2016’s a sluggish switch to streaming could mean storm clouds ahead for Buffett’s revenue. But a $25 million gross across 24 shows means there’s no reason to pack up the tequila yet. LAST YEAR: N/A

    46. Sia

    The Australian songstress was No. 15 in publishing royalties, buoyed by her 2016 set, .“Cheap Thrills” was her first Hot 100 No. 1, but the bulk of her earnings, $5.5 million, came from her 23-date arena tour. LAST YEAR: N/A

    47. Selena Gomez

    Gomez’s sales and streaming royalties remained strong last year, even though her last album, ,came out in October 2015. Her 2016 arena tour made up the bulk of her revenue, with 248,000 U.S. ticket sales generating a $17 million gross. LAST YEAR: N/A

    48. James Taylor

    Taylor’s revenue is largely derived from live income -- his recorded-music earnings only account for 10 percent of his $8.3 million total. Taylor’s bottom line still got a boost from nearly 170,000 album sales, though streaming royalties were low. LAST YEAR: N/A

    49. Stevie Nicks

    With streaming royalties under $100,000, Nicks’ return to the stage secured her spot on this list. Her 24 Karat Tour earned $23 million at the box office with $7.8 million in take-home pay, and she pocketed $66,000 from Fleetwood Mac. LAST YEAR: N/A

    50. Pentatonix

    Even though Pentatonix grossed $12.8 million at the box office, the a cappella group needed a boost from recorded music to make the list. With $2.9 million in total artist royalties from sales, Pentatonix sold the fifth-most albums of any artist in 2016. LAST YEAR: N/A

    Billboard's Official Top 50 Money Makers List of 2016 | Billboard News
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